(October 2017 - February 2019)

Gus was found as an orphan and raised by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. However, while he was being overwintered, he suffered a severe injury to his tail right at the tail base. Because he was otherwise healthy, our wildlife veterinarian made the decision to perform an almost total tail amputation. During Gus’s recovery, it was determined by our veterinarian staff that Gus would not be able to return to the wild due to the loss of his tail.
Our concerns included: issues with balance, unable to climb or gather nesting materials without a tail, exposure of the cloaca, and potential chronic phantom pain that would require pain medication. Gus was given a second chance as an Opossum Ambassador under the care of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, aka The Snack Lady. Through educational programs and social media platforms, Gus helped educate the public about the importance of all wildlife. Gus was goofy, round, and floofy. In December of 2019 GusGus became ill. After exhausting every medical test and treatment we could, GusGus lost his battle the following February to cancer.