(February 2020 - February 2024)

As a small baby, Peach fell into a steep window well, along with her brothers and sisters. She held on for several days, through a few rain storms, before she was discovered. Sadly, she was the only survivor. The finder of little orphaned Peach, called his local rehabber, which happened to be us!

We took her in right away and began assessing her injuries to determine the best treatment. She was covered in mud, dehydrated, and weak. She presented symptoms of a respiratory infection or possibly a pneumonia. After evaluation, our team determined that she was not able to breathe through her nose. She also displayed some neurological symptoms from the head trauma she experienced during the fall.Peach will remain under our care for the remainder of her life. We’ve made this decision based on her inability to breathe well enough to eat normally and the neurological symptoms that interfere with her ability to properly “possum.” Peach’s calm demeanor, makes her a perfect candidate for an Ambassador opossum.

Peach lived an amazingly beautiful long life. At almost four years old! She was the matriarch of our opossums past and present, and will forever be the sweetest PeachyPoo opossum to grace this earth. Peach was loving, gentle, and sweet until her last breathe. With SnackLady by her side, she went to sleep quietly after health complications due to old age compromised any future quality of life. She will forever be in our hearts.