(  - October 2021)

Teddy was wild, presumably, older male opossum that came to us in February 2021, found by another rehabber in the streets of Chicago. He had severe trauma to his leg and tail, and several other old battle scars. He was dirty, dehydrated, and weak. Teddy’s front leg was severed. The vet determined this was an old injury. It was a true miracle that he had survived with a severed leg through the harsh winter weather. We took him in to be evaluated and to begin his medical treatments. He had a partial tail amputation to remove necrotic tissue and the infected bone. He also had his leg wound debrided and the wound stapled closed. Teddy had a sever bone infection that we treated for several weeks. When Teddy went to be reevaluated by his veterinarian, it was discovered that he also had been shot. There is a bullet lodged in his neck, very close to his spine. Because this is an old injury and there is no visible wound, surgically removing the bullet would be far too risky for Teddy. Teddy acclimated well to a life on three legs and continued to amaze us everyday with his strength and wonderful happy demeanor. Teddy has seen a lot in his days. He’s a fighter. We welcomed him with open arms as a permanent resident. He could not be released with only 3 limbs. We promised Teddy, that however long he shares his remaining time with us, we will spoil him every day, with snacks, love, and a warm bed to call his own.

Teddy’s old age and the diseases old age bring, caught up with him. We did everything we could to find solutions and treatments, and to keep him happy and comfortable. We wanted more time with him. It wasn’t fair for cancer to swoop in and take away the happiness he deserved, and ultimately his life. I held on to Teddy close as he passed peacefully in my arms. 
What a truly beautiful soul and amazing gift Teddy was in our lives.

The soul of a warrior, the heart of an angel. 

Sweet Teddy Bear, we miss you everyday