We are a small team of licensed wildlife rehabilitators dedicated to wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, education, opossum adventures, and so much more!

What Do We Do?

Gilbert & Friends is a small organization made up of licensed wildlife rehabilitators. We rescue, treat, and rehabilitate wildlife. We LOVE opossum rescue, but we save ALL kinds of wildlife in need, large or small, old or young, orphaned or injured  

We work with veterinarians that provide the necessary medical and surgical treatments to give our wildlife patients a second chance. Our goal with every animal we rescue is to get them healthy, healed, and home; back into the wild where they can thrive. All veterinary services, supplies, and treatments are paid out of pocket by Gilbert & Friends.

Every donation and merchandise purchase helps us help more animals in need. Without your support, we couldn’t do what we do. We are so grateful for you!

Our opossum ambassadors make people across the world smile. They also serve the very important role of educating the public about the benefits of wildlife!