(May 2019 - July 2022)

Penny was rescued with 12 neonate opossum joeys found orphaned. They were still pink. A wildlife rehabber took them in and raised them for release. Once babies were approaching release size, Penny was nowhere near ready. She was 2/3 the size of her siblings, had no healthy fear of humans, and was very underweight. The rehabber contacted us for help. We took her in and monitored her growth and health. Because she had never been in the wild, she didn’t know how to be a “releasable opossum.” As she got older she got stronger and healthier, but she was still very small. The decision was made not to release her. She was what we call “failure to thrive” in wildlife rehabilitation. She was habituated to a life with humans and would not fair well in the wild. Penny bcame a permanent member of our passel of opossums. She loved Snacktivities, hiding things in her fort, and running on her exercise wheel. She grew to a healthy size and weight was an amazing opossum ambassador. Penny lived to be just over 3 years old; a remarkably long life for an opossum. Penny passed away from complications due to old age. She is forever missed.