(February 2021 - February 2023)

Milton was found and picked up from the street by a kind woman. His tail had been eaten off by a wild animal. He was immediately brought to a veterinarian who was able to provide medical treatments to save him. Without a tail Milton would not have a fair chance at survival in the wild. Opossums need their tail for balance, grasping on to things, climbing, and gathering materials to nest. The decision was made that Milton would not be re-released. Our rehabber friend reached out to us about acquiring Milton. We decided he would be a perfect fit and would gladly welcome him into our care. Once he was healed and healthy, he joined our Passel of Opossum Ambassadors. Milton’s second chance was full of adventures, snacktivities, enrichment, warm silly beds, and all of the love in the world. The SnackLady misses him very much. Milton was taken too soon by complications due to suspected cancer. He passed peacefully in the SnackLady’s arms (his favorite place to be), shortly after his 2nd birthday.